I Need Help With Characters, Part Two: Angeli

The character of the Angeli (singular, Angelus) -- pronounced "Angle--ee" -- was probably the most difficult to imagine. In the first book, Azrel the Angelus is described simply as having a body "covered by wings." In the sequel, I go into more detail:

"From the descriptions of those who had seen one, she recognized an Angelus—a creature of wings and light, they had said. At the time, she had not believed them. And yet, here were long wings entwined to formed the semblance of limbs; tiny wings nestled around a body; wings around the head like locks of hair blown in the wind. And always fluttering light, blinding her. Only the Angelus’ face seemed flesh—a full heart shape, with a sarcastic twist in the mouth and eyes mocking Bella as only bright green can."

Angeli function much as do angels in the Eastern Orthodox understanding. They are messengers, voices of wisdom, and assistants in the divine plan. In Mysterion, Angeli do not fight directly against the enemies of human beings, but they do engage in battle with the Djinn, their spiritual opponents. Who they are is pretty clear. My dilemma is, what do they really look like?

Therefore, I am sending out an SOS to all you artistic types out there. Can you depict an Angelus to my satisfaction? I look forward to your responses.


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