I Need Help With Characters, Part 1: The Cyclops

One of the secondary characters in The Nightmare Tree who provides an obstacle to Jonah is the Cyclops. He is of course a mythical character taken from The Odyssey, but I have relocated him to Mysterion. In my story, Cyclops lives alone on a little desert island, the kind with only one coconut tree at its centre.

In the second book, we discover that Cyclops has a companion, a talkative black parrot known as Crato. Crato disapproves of Cyclops' brutal, man-eating ways and expresses it in eloquent terms. However, he never abandons his friend, perhaps because he hopes to redeem him somehow.

Anyway, here is my question: how did Cyclops get to his lonely island? What series of events brought him here? How did he meet and befriend Crato the parrot? I have no idea how it happened. Perhaps you can help? Email me or respond with comments. I would also be interested in receiving a short "character spin off" story to add to my envisioned collection of reader-generated stories around Mysterion. Help!


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